5 things home buyers hate about real estate listing website

According to the Home Buyers and Sellers Statistic, as shared by the National Association of REAL ESTATE AGENTS, 92 percent of home buyers search for real estate-related information on the Internet – it has become an important part of the home buying process.

As a real estate professional, having your own website makes it possible to provide your potential clients with the information that they are searching for and establish a connection with them in the process. However, having a bad website that drivers your potential clients away is worse than not having your own website at all.

Wondering what not to do on your listing website? These are the top five most common things:

1. Have a pop-up asking visitor for information before your visitors even have a chance to see the first page of your listing website.
Asking for personal info that comes up before your visitors even have a chance to see the first page of your listing website is bad taste.  It’s understandable that the more information you have about a potential home buyer, the easier it is to market to them. However, forcing the visitors to fill out the information before they can even enter your site is a very sure way to make them leave your site and never come back.

2. Video or audio autoplay on your listing website
Video or audio autoplay is evil. Don’t ever have them on any page on your listing website.
When visitors arrive at a webpage on your site, they don’t want to be surprised by video or audio content that begins playing without their consent: It confuses or distracts them. This is the quickest way to get people to leave your site in rage.

3. A slow website
A slow website annoys people the most. Visitors expect your web the site to load within 2 seconds. Half of them will leave your site after three. Yes! That’s right, one second makes that much of a difference.

4. A website that doesn’t look good on mobile devices
Visitors trying to access to your listing website from a smartphone will just as quickly leave your site and find a listing site that is optimized for mobile devices. With the number of visitors who browse your website on a mobile device is growing eight times faster than that of a desktop computer, having a mobile-optimized site is mandatory.

5. Outdated web page design
Look at the image below. That is the website of an actual real estate listing company that seems to get stuck in the early 2000s. Such website design will send the visitors away screaming. Blinking GIFs, elaborate animations, flashing ads are other eyesores: They are distracting and annoying. Your listing website should utilize a clean and modern design.


If your website has any of these 5 things that your potential clients hate the most, and if it’s been awhile since you last updated your website, consider hiring a web design agency to help you fixing all of these issues.  However, it may be more cost effective just to have a new website built instead of trying to fix a very bad and outdated website design.  Building your own real estate listing website with a modern,  clean and elegant user interface does not need to cost you thousands of dollars and an extensive time commitment. At www.plistings.com, we offer a website solution which gives you the tools you need to create a custom listing website that looks good and work well on smartphones, tablets, and desktop browsers.

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